University of Nyala

Colleges and university centers
The University of Nyala includes the College of Veterinary Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Engineering Sciences and Engineering, the College of Economics and Business Studies, the College of Law and Sharia, the College of Graduate Studies, the College of Technology and Community Development, the College of Health Frameworks, the Community College, Research and Service Centers, the Distance Education Unit and the Basic Study Unit Colleges, units and centers of the university

Two new colleges have been added: the College of Medicine and Health Sciences and the College of Science and Information Technology (which includes more than seven departments)

The university's external relations
The foundations of cooperation between the university varied, and the University of Nyala was interested in external cooperation with a number of universities in the world, including the University of Pretoria, Pretoria and the University of KwaZulu-Natal KwaZulu-Natal South Africa in South Africa, the universities of Assiut University, Assiut, the University of Suez Canal, and Helwan University, Helwan Egypt in Egypt. The universities of Yangju, Zhejiang, Northwest, Nanjing and Yunnan, China, in China, Ataturk University - Turkey, Bangui University in the Central African Republic, the National Council for Higher Education in Eritrea, the European College in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, University of Mohammed V, Morocco, and the Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Iran, Iran. Universities have cooperative relationship with the University of Nyala.

Mission and goals of the university
It was established to operate within the framework of the state’s general policy and the programs set by the National Council to acquire knowledge, teach it, develop its curricula and publish it for the purpose of serving the country, developing its resources and reviving it intellectually, scientifically, socially and culturally culturally and without prejudice to the general nature of the foregoing, the university works to achieve objectives including asserting identity The nation and its roots through the curricula approved and applied by the university, and the conduct of scientific and applied research related to the needs of society and renewed in order to serve and advance it, and to innovate and employ technology to serve the Sudanese community in cooperation with universities and higher education institutions and other scientific research in the country.

Also taking care of the Sudanese environment in general and the environment of the state of South Darfur in particular and qualifying the cadre capable of promoting it and resolving the state's issues related to the environment, interacting with the citizen in the countryside by understanding his problems, recognizing his knowledge and experience and working with him to develop them according to his needs and values, and paying attention to medicine sciences, land and natural resources within the framework of interest in developing Sudan, and concern for human development, intellectual and religious values, preparing students and granting them academic degrees.
Principals successive on the university
They are the directors of Nyala University


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